This week a group of hackers claim to have exposed over 90,000 military network security for small businesspersonnel email address and passwords by penetrating a McLean, VA based defense and homeland security consultant to the US government.  If the hackers take a swipe at the big guys, imagine the havoc they can wreak on a small business.

The one issue we at Sentinel IT Solutions are seeing lately is rouge security viruses that seem to bypass Anti-Virus software.  This occurs when the end user unknowingly clicks on the virus and installs it – wreaking havoc all on their own. 

Do you know how to spot a virus or security threat?

  • If it seems to good to be true – it is!

    • There isn’t any free clothing and there are no free Apple iTunes gift cards – sorry to burst your bubble.

  • Don’t click on videos; especially those with “questionable” pictures or content (you’ve seen the ones we are talking about on your friends wall on Facebook or elsewhere)

    • If you did, you’ve become a victim of Likejacking or Clickjacking.  You’ve now notified everyone on Facebook, on Twitter and in your Outlook address book about your questionable taste; including your boss and significant other.

  • Don’t click on an attachment in an email, especially if it is an EXE file that wants to download to your computer.

    • You can’t hit the Esc button to stop the spread of the virus

    • Instead of clicking the red X to close that annoying popup box that appeared (which is most times fake and installs the rouge software), try Ctrl+Alt+Delete to bring up your Task Manager to end the task safely.

    • Unplugging your computer or turning it off quickly doesn’t help either – call us.

  • Facebook will NOT start charging this summer

  • You cannot see who has viewed your profile on Facebook.  Do not click any link to see who your “stalkers” are.

5 Ways to Avoid Viruses and Scams in the Meantime

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Developing Best Practices for Your Employees and Your Business

At Sentinel IT Solutions we believe that there is more to life than IT hassles.  We help businesses understand how employees are using personal mobile devices, company-owned mobile devices, laptops and PCs and your business data stored in the Cloud.  We can help your formulate a network security policy and other usage policies (social media) to protect your company’s vital data resources.

Stay tuned.  In our next blog we’ll discuss the Fake Anti-Virus.

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